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About Mouth Guards

Mouth guards that are custom-made by a dental professional, such as our dentists in Avon, OH, may be used to protect the teeth during contact sports (i.e. football and martial arts) or activities that may have a high risk of falling (i.e. skateboarding and biking). In addition to protecting the teeth, gums, and jaw, wearing a mouth guards has also been shown to help athletic performance by reducing stress, which minimizes the production of hormones that can limit reaction time, strength, and endurance. While over-the-counter mouth guards are less expensive, custom mouth guards from our dentists at DentalWorks - Avon are made from higher quality materials, fit more comfortably, last for a longer time, and offer better protection, which can prevent costly dental procedures.

What to Expect

To customize the mouth guard, our dentists will take a series of digital X-rays and impressions for the dental laboratory where advanced equipment and high quality materials will be used to create the patient's unique mouth guard. Once the mouth guard is sent back to DentalWorks - Avon in Avon, OH, our dentists will adjust the mouth guard for the patient's ideal fit and the most secure bite.

Treatment Aftercare

Our dentists will go over all mouth guard care instructions, including the best way to wash and store the mouth guard. To ensure the fit and wear of the guard is adjusted as needed, the patient should take their mouth guard to all of their exams and cleanings at DentalWorks - Avon. With proper care and wear, a mouth guard can last up to eight years, so our dentists will check the mouth guard regularly and help each patient decide when to get a replacement.

Insurance Coverage

A custom mouth guard is usually not paid by insurance companies, however DentalWorks - Avon will confirm every individual's benefits and personal expenses. To help make custom mouth guards more affordable for our patients, DentalWorks - Avon does take many methods of payment and we also have financing plans.

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Protect and Prevent

To help you prevent expensive dental repairs, our dentists at DentalWorks - Avon offer custom mouth guards for sports to help protect your teeth, jaw, and gums from accidents and injuries. A custom mouth guard from DentalWorks - Avon in Avon, OH protects your oral health with a comfortable fit and a better feel.

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